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Possible Savings on Property Taxes in 2019!


Now is the time to plan for possible savings on your property taxes!  I wonder – do YOU know that rendition statements and property reports are due before April 1, 2019?  Do you know about all of the tax laws that can benefit you as a property owner? Know your exceptions! Now is the time to check on and apply for many of the tax exemptions which allow you to save money on your taxes.

For instance, did you know that you can file a homestead exemption for your primary residence and save money on your taxes for your home? Over 65 exemption? Acreage – Ag, wildlife, and open space land exemptions are available for many properties and can save a tremendous amount of money in taxes IF the land qualifies.

Examples of exemptions that may possibly benefit you include:

  • Recreational Parks and Scenic
  • Ag
  • Wildlife
  • Homestead
  • Over 65
  • Disabled Veteran

Perhaps you think that your taxable value is too high? Did you know that between January 1st and April 30th of each year, taxpayers can render their property at a value lower than it is on the tax rolls with the Henderson County Appraisal District? The application is subject to the Henderson County Appraisal District’s approval, but may result in the taxpayer getting the valuation lowered by providing information to the appraisal district.

For more information, go to the Henderson County Appraisal District website at or call Steve Grant Real Estate, LLC for assistance.

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